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Hey Peeps, thanks for checking out another post here at Quick Hits on Double Down Casino.  Today’s post we’re going to get to know all About Double Down Casinos. Fun stuff eh…

Casinos online offer real casino competitions in the comfort of wherever you are.

You’ll usually get free spins and bonuses that you don’t get when you play at a land-based casino. Winning is mostly what players are after in lucky win casino games whether land-based or through the internet. For amateurs, some casino terms may be foreign to them. Example time is the “double down.”

  • Casino games like blackjack often pose opportunities of using the second down technique. When a player doubles down, he doubles his bet after he gets his two cards. These cards are his first two. The abbreviated term for this is DOA wherein a player can double down on any two cards. DOA means Double Down Casino.  On Any first two cards. Most casinos allow this rule, but there are those who prefer to allow the DAS. This means Double After Splitting is allowed.
  • A wise player who has mastered the art of DoubleDown Casino on any card or after splitting can beat the dealer most of the time. As in any other art, doubling down has a unique strategy that can help the player win at his best and defeat the dealers at their weakest. It has been observed by most players that dealers lose when they have the cards two to six displayed. In these instances, players are more likely to succeed in winning.

One strategy that experienced casino players that will play free casino slot games usually do is to double down when the dealer has more cards on hand. This may mean a lot of risking to a novice, but as professionals advised, more likely, players will win more than losing in such situations.

Playing casino games, like double downs, will test your faith in yourself. You will learn to listen to your instincts and read signs that may come from your co-players or the dealers.

These are good things.

Better yet still if, as a player, you learn every side of the game. Where you fail or where they fail and how you or they succeed. As for the terms or jargons of the game, you will eventually be familiar with all of them. But for an introduction, here are a few you may want to learn:

Basic Strategy Edge (BSE) – this is when a player plays a card against a whole deck of cards. One against many, a test of faith. It is where the player, with all his expectations and hopes, lay it on the line.

H17/S17 – Hit soft 17 (also called S17 which means stand on soft 17) or the dealer must hit. In blackjack, it is customary that a player gets a card on 16 or lower and stand on 17 until 21.

So according to some resources, though, this rule of H17/S17 varies from one casino to another or even on each table of one casino. This part, the dealer has an ace on the other hand, and the casino decides whether to hit it or stand.

ESR/LSR – Early Surrender/Late Surrender. These surrender parts are mainly the player’s decision. From the words itself, the player decides whether to surrender or not. The difference is what happens before and after the surrender.

Before a player surrenders, he must first understand that he will lose 50% of his original bet. With early surrender, the player surrenders first before the dealer checks if he has a blackjack.

Late surrender, therefore, is the other way around; the dealer looks for a blackjack, and if the player does not have one then the player is allowed to surrender.

These few terms and strategies can be familiarized once an amateur player gets the hang of the game. If you are one of the novices, begin studying this now, and you will soon join the hall of fame in the match of cards.

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