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How To Make $702.00 A Day In A Casino – Day 9

Did you know that we like to play roulette game named after the french word little wheel and that you can play for real money in the casino and offline or also with a wifi connection. You need to try this out for yourself.

We also apply other techniques to make money as well online and offline.

Question? Do you play roulette to make money or lose money?

Lets see how you do and let us know how you did. Play within limits they go.

Its very simple to win once you get the hang of it coming from players that just started playing for fun and then for choosing to place money at local casinos in Las Vegas like the Cosmopolitan, Wynn, Planet Hollywood, and MGM just to name a few, bugster money style we call it.

It sure does have a rush when you are betting $150 plus on a color just to see if you win.  There’s no doubt that there’s something about this game that brings some sort of excitement and spike in adrenaline from those endorphins for that split second and then when you do win, its like all that just for $1000 Bucks.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose and we’re not ashamed to say that.  Luckily enough we have other ways to pay for our gaming habit just in case we do lose. Be the first from your friend to like this to join us when we do facebook live roulette.

List of Video Gameplay from our site.

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