Roulette that means little wheel in French is a casino game played by placing bets on a single number or a combination of numbers, odd or even number, red or black color, and high or low numbers. The wheel is spinning in the direction opposite to the ball, which finally loses momentum and settles on a number with a colored pocket on the wheel. It is a game that depends on chance, so people trying their luck in the casino are interested in the game. It has the following features that make it attractive to the users like;

  • It has a very fast pace
  • The rules are simple and easy to understand
  • The chance is for people to win
  • They get easy payouts for their accurate prediction

Roulette is available in online and land casino as it has a classy feel to it that attracts players to test their luck.History of Roulette The Roulette originated in Ancient Rome, where it was played by the soldiers using the chariot wheels. The modern version developed by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century who made it popular as a gaming device among people. The French Blanc brothers added the single 0 in 1842 that made the game more interesting. The US-based gambling houses added the extra 0 to increase the House Edge. There are two forms of Roulette available

  • French/ European style Roulette- 37 pockets wheel
  • American Style Roulette- 38 pockets wheel

People prefer to play the European style because of their low edge. The internet made the casino games more popular among people. The online version of Roulette attracts more players from all over the world as they can play it anytime they like.The Odds of Winning It is a game of odds, where luck plays an important role in winning the Roulette. The online Roulette is popular among players as it gives them a chance to win up to 35 times their wager. The two types of Roulette used in casinos are

  • European- 36 number slots and one 0
  • American- 36 number slots and two 0s

The players should choose bets that pay out 1 to 1, so they can opt even, odd, low, high, black or red bets for a better chance of winning in online Roulette.Opening Account People can open the account with online casinos with few steps that will allow them to play it anytime. The steps to follow for playing the game online are

  • Download the software
  • Select the option to play for real money.
  • Create an account with the personal information of players.
  • Submit the information

These sites will provide good customer support that will guide the players through the process easily.Top Casinos to Start Playing The online casino has buttons that allow the players to place bets and win.

Players can understand the simple function of the buttons that will enhance their playing experience.

All the operations like the chip selection, bet, types of modes, spin, and other options are available with the click of the button.

There are some good online casinos with best reviews from players gives a unique platform to get the best understanding of Roulette.Casino Cruise It is an online casino that attracts the customers with 200 free spins and a bonus of €1000. It has the following features;

  • Has 1200 different games
  • Secure platform with the best banking
  • Multiple options for deposit

Magic Red Casino This online casino gives up to 100 spins with several other features like;

  • It is available in 4 different languages
  • The software used is of top quality
  • VIP package to attract more players

Pots of Luck It gives 100 free spins to the new players with a bonus of €200. All Irish Casino It provides a welcome bonus to all the new players to have a nice time. It also has other features like;

  • It has live casino games
  • It opens all day (24X7) for 365 days
  • NetEnt powered online game

All Slots Casino It provides the players with a lucrative bonus of $1,600 with other features like;

  • It has 500+ games
  • Microgaming powered online game
  • Live dealer games

Players can choose from these trusted online Roulette games that will provide exclusive games with the best software. They also provide different options to deposit and withdraw money securely.

These websites are encrypted (SSL), so the private information of the player is safe.

The Best Bet Strategy on Roulette The 14 Split Bet strategy allows the players to place split bets on 14 numbers giving them 20 units’ profits. This strategy covers 28 numbers, so people can use fewer spins to get good results.

The remaining numbers (7) have no bets placed on them. So, never use it for long spins as it can lead to a severe loss. Players need to understand that there is no fixed winning formula. Players can set aside a small amount for testing the betting strategy and play using it.

Once they start winning it is better to stop it and take the money. Never test the luck for long as it can backfire to cause severe loses. The casinos trick the brain of players to push their luck for more money, so beware of it. This betting strategy has the following features

  • It gives quick winnings
  • The player gets a 75.68% ratio chance of winning
  • It covers most the numbers to optimize the win
  • Is implemented for short spins

The split bet strategy is a smart move for the high roulette 0 and 00 payout with the house edge. It increases the odds of winning that ensures more gain to the players.

The online roulette has a huge following as it is a simple gameplay. It is a haven for people who know how to bet to get great gains.

Watch the video to know in detail about the strategy that will enhance the thrill of playing Roulette.  Online Roulette is a game that provides immense fun and excitement to the players with great payouts.

It is a game that relies mostly on luck, so there are no exact ways to predict the outcome of the results. But, there are strategies that players can implement sensibly to gain an advantage over the casino. Doing the proper research and implementing it under right conditions will ensure maximum gains.

Players must never stretch their luck that will ultimately lead to a loss. Therefore, understand the game and quit while leading.

Therefore, we help you choose the best online casinos for the enjoying the Roulette gaming experience online and show you how to win.

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