Wifi commonly known as wireless fidelity refers to wireless networks that use 802.11 standard built by the IEEE. The word signifies a trademark of the WIFI Alliance that established the technology. Therefore, it implies a trademark phrase IEEE 802.11.

WIFI devices produced by different vendors get certified if they meet the standards 802.11.

It is good to know that this is an alternative developed to the cables and wires technology. It normally utilizes radio waves to provide high-speed network and internet connections.

There are a variety of devices that utilize this wireless technology like smartphones, tablet computers, modern printers, personal computers, digital audio players and video game consoles.

The antenna of the device receives radio frequency that produces electromagnetic waves that move via space. With the help of wireless network adapters, the devices are then able to reach access points that help them detect and tune into a wireless signal.

At this point, devices are able to access the internet through access points that are also known as hotspots. The strength of hotspots diminishes as the range of coverage becomes big in an open area and can be very small in single rooms that block radio frequencies. Back to wifi free games.

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